Hereby code has in view telling the participants what is and what is not suitable for a true snowmobile enthusiast. If you do not respect it, you are breaking the law and contributing to creating the bad image of our community.

1. We do not ride through parks and nature reserves on purpose.

2. We always slow down when people on foot are close by and greet them by waving hands; we especially take great care to wave to small children.

3. When we reach a difficult situation we ask for directions to solve the difficult situation unless it might prove dangerous for us or the others.

4. We do not vandalize private fields and lands.

5. Please remember that entrance into State Forests as well as to parks and nature reserves is illegal.

6. We use low-noise exhaust systems.

7. We do not leave rubbish behind, all our rubbish comes back to our base with us.

8. We inform the authorities about any irregularities, for example: toxic waste, illegal waste dumps, poaching activity etc.

9. We use special belts for hoists, thanks to which we do not damage the tree bark.

10. When and if possible we mark and map out any hazardous holes, dykes, wires and other obstacles on GPS if we possess one, and also share our findings with the rest of the group.

11. We search for more secluded locations to practice riding freely.

12. We do not ride on top of natural earthen barriers such as floodbanks or levees.

13. Drunken riding is a serious crime.

14. We always give right of way to cyclists.

15. We always strive to bring up as little dust as possible, especially in the nieghbourhood of people and homes.

16. We slow down when near built-up area and I mean SLOW down.

17. Let our COMMON SENSE be always our best guide, for example: we do not ride at a speed that could endanger the health or well-being of people and animals!

18.In particular cases, when our vehicle might surprise or frighten somebody, we stop on the side of the road and stop the engine.

19. We are not alone in this world, please respect it.

20. We always ride using a helmet.

Snowdoo Academy Zakopane.