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Snowdoo Adventure
ul. Butorów 5
34-511 Kościelisko next to Zakopane, Poland

Information for Tourists:
+48 501 575 575
+48 501 570 570

Groups / Events:
+48 501 590 590

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If you have an unusual topic, please contact us by phone or write an email. Each topic is important to us, feel free to write.

Location – How to get to us?

Access by car to Snowdoo: from the center of Zakopane, we go through Kościelisko, where you turn into Salamandra Street and go up (to Butorowy Wierch, Gubałówka). At the intersection, you turn right and you immediately see the SNOWDOO base. Free parking for our clients - please contact the reception for a parking card.
Snowdoo has its own sales office in the center of Zakopane - Nowotarska 27 - from where we organize transfers for our clients to the winter base on Butorowy Wierch. Departures take place every hour.
A trip by the PKL train is associated with a long wait to the ticket office, in the season it can even be 60-90 minutes, so we encourage you to use a different, faster and equally attractive way. So a trip by the Szymoszkowa chairlift - after reaching the top, our base on Butorowy Wierch is only 400 meters away, taking the cable car to the left - to the west.
When booking a tour, you can also book a convenient transfer straight from the hotel and back.

How to book snowmobiles tour?

The Snowdoo company is built on quality and customer service - it is a company operating in the region of Podhale - Zakopane - Kościelisko - Witów - in the areas where our winter trips take place. For many years, we have developed a leading position on the Polish and Zakopane market, thousands of served tourists, hundreds of served groups, reliable and new equipment, a modern base on Gubałówka and always willing and helpful staff.