Starting base Snowdoo

Our base is located in Kościelisko on the border with Zakopane - ul. Butorów 5, Kościelisko (departure from Zakopane via Kościelisko).

Attention! We advise against using the PKL train from the center of Zakopane, so as not to waste your time and avoid being late due to long queues and waiting for entry. You can reach us by car, taxi or bus.

How to get to us ?

By car you need 10 minutes from Zakopane - winter tires or a 4x4 drive. in neccesery. On the top Gubałówka runs an asphalt road, which can be reached from Zakopane in 10-15 minutes, going through the village of Kościelisko and then along Salamandra street, go to the top of Gubałówka - there at the intersection to the right and on the left is our Snowdoo base.
By taxi 10-15 minutes from Zakopane - address Droga Zubka 40 / Gubałówka, just inform us that by snowmobile to Snowdoo on Gubałówka.