Snowdoo in Zakopane – we organize snow safari – daily winter expeditions on snowmobiles in Zakopane – Gubałówka. Our snowmobile rental offers several snowmobiles of a brand SkiDoo. In winter season, every day we organize tours on snowmobiles with guide for individual tourists and groups. In our offer you can find also social events, events for companies, company trips, activities for groups. With us you can feel the best winter adventure in the Tatra Mountains. Every year we organize several dozens of such events for companies from all branches. In winter we also welcome groups of children and youth for who we have prepared copyright programs of activities and attractions. The snowmobiles are one of winter attractions in Zakopane – entertainment for everyone, for groups and individual tourists, amazing adventure and unforgettable memories from stay in mountains.

Snowmobiles are a great form of outdoor activities, recreation and activity in winter. In winter, every day we are fully committed to assist you. In winter we organize snowmobile tours, in summer on quads ATV 4×4. We work on the best equipment, in the most beautiful place in Poland, we have experienced and multilingual instructors. We have organized hundreds of events and tours on snowmobiles and quads. We know how to make it to be fun for participants while maintaining all safety rules. Snowdoo is a wonderful winter entertainment for companies and tourists resting at the foot of mountains in Zakopane.

We are not a rental of snowmobiles, we organize a safe and premeditated expeditions on snowmobiles. During the tour, we focus on teaching how to drive a snowmobile, to acquire skills, and finally to have fun in the snow. We are always focused on quality, it is the most important for us. Good fun on snowmobiles is a consequence of good equipment, reliable briefing and good conduct on the route. Therefore, all tours start from a solid training in the principles of safety and operating a snowmobile. Proper clothes for snomobiles protecting against the cold and snow is also an important element. A good clothing is essential for your tour to be enjoyable and secure. We want to teach you to move freely and enjoy the maximum pleasure while driving through the snow. During each tour we provide care of experienced instructors who will serve the knowledge of routes in the Tatra Mountains, in the struggle with the snow drifts, and most importantly, each participant will be conducted safely from the start to the place of return. Snowmobiles are unforgettable winter attractions in Zakopane.

Before the start of the tour, we require from the participants to read the Rules for Use of snowmobiles and to sign acceptance of these rules, along with taking responsibility for causing material loss / damage to equipment. We reserve the right to charge a returnable deposit of 75 EUR, as security for any damage caused by improper use of a snowmobile – before it the customer is entitled to become aquainted with the rules.