FILM – Snowdoo just for FUN

FILM – Snowdoo just for FUN

Snowdoo Academy extreme expeditions Zakopane

Snowmobiles are not only vehicles for navigating winter terrain, but also machines for extreme fun and adventure. If you want to feel the adrenaline and excitement and admire the beauty of the Tatra Mountains in winter, then Snowdoo Academy Zakopane extreme expeditions are for you. This is an offer for those who like challenges and are not afraid of risks.

Snowdoo Academy Zakopane is a company that offers professional organization of snowmobile expeditions in Podhale. You can choose from different routes and levels of difficulty, depending on your skills and preferences. Some of the routes are easy and calm, while others are difficult and extreme. However, all of them guarantee unforgettable experiences and views.

is not only snowmobiling, but also learning and improving your driving technique. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will learn basic and advanced maneuvers, such as braking, turning, overcoming obstacles or riding sideways. You’ll also learn to deal with difficult terrain and weather conditions, such as steep climbs, turns, animals and avalanches.

Extreme Snowdoo is also an opportunity to meet other snowmobile enthusiasts and make new friends. On the route you will meet people with similar interests and characters, with whom you will cooperate and compete. After the expedition, you will be able to share your experiences and impressions with them around a campfire or in a mountain inn.

FILM – Snowdoo just for FUN

Snowmobiles – extreme expeditions Snowdoo Academy Zakopane. Be sure to watch our video!






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