Snow Trip Safari

Snow Trip is 1 hour snowmobile tour. Participants will receive a snowmobile and briefing and then will depart on the tour in interesting and scenic route - you will be able to feel the real driving a snowmobile . Tour for people who want to try their hand at snowmobiles or for families with children. In this attractive mountainous ground, you will experience moments of a beautiful adventure.

Price of tour includes:


single or double sites,

fuel for snowmobile,
briefing and guide on the route.

Additional services:

winter protective clothes

15 EUR / person,

insurance - reduce your own responsibility for the snowmobile to the amount of 250 EUR

15 EUR / driver.

Important information:

start time and route may vary due to weather conditions and organizational reasons,
the driver of the snowmobile is liable for damages caused to the vehicle to the amount of 2500 EUR
in case of any damages, before the start a safety deposit will be taken which will be refunded if thera are no events,
our staff speaks Polish and English
snowmobile may be operated by the driver and the passenger, who may change during stops,
each participant is obliged to comply with the Rules of snowmobiles usage and participation in tours

PRICE: 65 EUR driver + 15 EUR passenger   BOOK ONLINE