Nr 1 Winter Attraction Poland
The Best Snowmobiles in Zakopane
Reviews: 2000+ Happy Clients

Nr 1 Winter Attraction Poland

The Best Snowmobiles in Zakopane

Reviews: 2000+ Happy Clients


About this tour

The most beautiful adventure in Zakopane for the Valentine's Day! Surprise your beloved! Snowmobile tour by night. During this magic adventure in the moonlight we will ride to places not accessible for tourists on a daily basis. The tour is surprising - you will see for yourself by going with us for this night adventure. We will have a break for tea and hot meal around bonfire.

For more informations, call to +48 501 560 560


  • Winter protective suit
  • Insurance
  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off

Price includes:

  • snowmobile
  • fuel
  • instructions
  • Guide
  • Helmet, goggle, balaclava
  • Barbecue snack

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Top localization on a Gubalowka Mountain in Zakopane

Guarantee of the longest lying snow in Poland and the most beautiful, scenic routes on a top of Gubalowka Mountain


Comfortable fun without risk


A warm office with a warm atmosphere and a professional crew


Super comfortable! We will pick you up from the Hotel and drive you back after a trip


All our Instructors are Certified and working under the supervision of the Polish Champion in motorsports who is also their lead manager


Every year we improve the quality - we invest in new equipment and staff qualifications






Duration1 hour2 hours3 hours
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What you need to know before the tour?

  • Meeting always 20-30 min before planned start
  • We make a small training before every tour
  • Start time and the route may change in addition to the weather conditions and organization
  • Insurance that reduces the driver’s compensation for damage to the vehicle to PLN 4,000 – price 75 PLN
  • Driver and Passenger may switch places during the tour.
  • Every Participant is obligated to sign the declaration and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Every Participant is obligated to have valid driver’s licence, passport or ID
  • We speak polish, english, german and french
  • In the case of entering a public road, the participants must oblige polish general road rules
  • The price of the trip includes the service of an instructor who rides on a separate scooter
  • The instructor has the right to terminate the contract without refund of the down payment if the participants are the influence of alcohol
  • Snowdoo Regulations apply to all participants of the expedition
  • The down payment / Paid ticket is a guarantee of Snowdoo’s performance of the services ordered in case of resignation the customer is not refunded
  • In case of insufficient snow, snowmobiles will be replaced by 4×4 quads – the rest of the program is carried out as standard.
  • Attention! Not reaching the appointed time will be understood as a resignation from participation in the expedition and the reservation will be automatically canceled.

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Najczęstsze pytania

Participants can exchange roles during the trip at the time of breaks in the ride, which are every 20-30 minutes.
On snowmobiles it is best to put on a ski outfit, warm thermal underwear, winter pants, a winter jacket, gloves, a scarf and high boots above a minimum - you can use winter clothes at the rental shop
Winter protective suit protects the participant from frost and wind. This is necessary for comfort and safety while driving. You can rent outfits in the Snowodo database - jacket, pants, shoes, gloves, scarf. The service is additionally payable.
We give you the option of buying insurance that reduces the driver's liability for equipment in the event of damage through his fault. The service is additionally payable.
All trips begin and end in our database at ul. Droga Zubka 40 - Zakopane on the top of Gubałówka.
Take the Szymoszkowa chairlift, then walk 400 m west - direction Butorowy Wierch - Kościelisko by car from the center of Zakopane go to Kościelisko and driving along Nędzy Kubińca street, turn into Salamandra street - driving 2000 meters up you will reach the top of Gubałówka where the original Snowdoo base is located.
The car can be parked safely in one of the paid parking lots next to Snowdoo
No, at the moment you can order a transfer from the Hotel only for organized groups - we encourage you to use Taxi Giewont, then a Taxi will come to the Hotel and take you to Snowdoo, and then take you back to the Hotel on scooters.
We have two-person snowmobiles from the Lynx and Ski Doo brands. All of them can accommodate 2 people, while maintaining full comfort for both the driver and the passenger. Our scooters are considered the best and safest for tourist and recreational riding.
A child on a snowmobile as a passenger must be at least 5-6 years old and only on a 1-hour trip, a 7-year-old can go on a 3-hour trip due to the length and intensity of the trip.
Routes, which lead the trips are recreational routes, on which for many years the expeditions. Driving a scooter is preceded by training and is always accompanied by our experienced guide. Snowmobiles are safe and relatively easy to use, but you need to be wise, careful and considerate as with other motor vehicles.
Definitely yes, most of our clients are people who have not had the opportunity to drive a snowmobile and will do it for the first time in Snowdoo. This is unique in snowmobiling with a person without knowledge, skills and specialized courses can freely drive a snowmobile, because while maintaining caution and using knowledge from guides can freely move on a scooter in the snow.

Our base


You may stumble upon fake on Gubalowka Mountain, who impersonate our company. If someone asks them if it's Snowdoo - they'll say yes. They intend to take over Snowdoo customers by taking advantage of our well-established leadership position and a positive brand image.

Don't be fooled:

  • See the movie presenting our database to know what are you looking for
  • See the map - our location is right next to the crossroad
  • Snowdoo banners hang on our building
  • If in doubt, ask for a test receipt from the cash register and see the company name - we will never refuse you!

How to get to us?

Starting base Snowdoo

Our base is located in Kościelisko on the border with Zakopane - ul. Butorów 5, Kościelisko (departure from Zakopane via Kościelisko).

Attention! We advise against using the PKL train from the center of Zakopane, so as not to waste your time and avoid being late due to long queues and waiting for entry. You can reach us by car, taxi or bus.

How to get to us ?

By car you need 10 minutes from Zakopane - winter tires or a 4x4 drive. in neccesery. On the top Gubałówka runs an asphalt road, which can be reached from Zakopane in 10-15 minutes, going through the village of Kościelisko and then along Salamandra street, go to the top of Gubałówka - there at the intersection to the right and on the left is our Snowdoo base.
By taxi 10-15 minutes from Zakopane - address Droga Zubka 40 / Gubałówka, just inform us that by snowmobile to Snowdoo on Gubałówka.