SNOWDOO Adventure on Good Morning TVN

SNOWDOO Adventure in Good Morning TVN

TVN Television for the realization of the program Good Morning TVN with Vit Cassetti chose our company – this is a great honor for us. And for our customers, it is a guarantee of the high quality of services provided by our company!

Good Morning TVN is a popular morning program that presents interesting topics, people and places every day. In one of the episodes of the program, the host Vito Cassetti decided to try his hand at snowmobiling in Zakopane. To realize this idea he chose the company Snowdoo Adventure which offers professional organization of snowmobile expeditions in the Tatra Mountains.

Vito Cassetti arrived in Zakopane accompanied by a television crew. Upon arrival at the snowdoo base, the guests were welcomed by the company’s owner, who introduced them to the offer and the rules of snowmobiling. They were then given snowsuits, boots and helmets, and selected their snowmobiles.

Under the guidance of instructors, Vito Cassetti and his guests set off on a two-hour expedition on mountain trails. They admired the beauty of winter nature and landscape, and had fun in the snow. Some of them were more daring and fast, while others were slower and more cautious. However, they all had a lot of fun and adrenaline. They also took breaks along the way to rest, talk and take pictures.

A TV crew accompanied Vito Cassetti every step of the way, recording his experiences and impressions. The presenter hosted a live program, recounting his exploits.

After the expedition, Vito Cassetti and his guests returned to the base of Snowdoo Adventure , where a bonfire and hot tea awaited them.

It was not only great entertainment, but also an excellent promotion of Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains as an attractive place for active recreation. The program was very popular with viewers, who were able to admire the beauty of winter in the mountains and encouraged to try their hand at snowmobiling.

SNOWDOO Adventure on Good Morning TVN

Telewizja TVN do realizacji programu Dzień Dobry TVN z Vitem Cassettim wybrała naszą firmę – jest to dla nas duże wyróżnienie, a dla naszych klientów gwarant wysokiej jakości usług świadczonych przez naszą firmę.


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