Valentine’s Day 2020 in Zakopane – best gift ever !

Meeting in a base 30 minutes before the start. Last available snowmobiles, mail or phone reservation required ❤❤❤   ❤  Valentine’s Day 2020 in Zakopane  ❤ with Snowdoo Adventure You will remember this day for a whole life! Beautiful and romantic snowmobiles tour! Special for those in love! 🔝 Professional Snowdoo Guides will take you for 3-hours unique tour! Beautiful mountain landscape 😍 with breathtaking views for Zakopane and Tatras. …

PRICE: 650 PLN / 2 pax snowmobile   CALL US   BOOK

New Year 2019 / 2020 – snowmobiles safari by night HIT

Enjoy a special New Year’s Eve. Night on snowmobiles – New Year’s Eve tour combined with a bonfire and a great adventure in the mountains. Start at 22.00 from the base Snowdoo on Gubałówka. Check for double snowmobile highland trails that lead to places not accessible to man in winter. After a 1.5 hour tour we get to the place where by the bonfire we will welcome New Year …

PRICE: 275 EUR / double seat snowmobile - driver + passenger   CALL US   BOOK

Snow Trip Safari

Snow Trip is 1 hour snowmobile tour. Participants will receive a snowmobile and briefing and then will depart on the tour in interesting and scenic route – you will be able to feel the real driving a snowmobile . Tour for people who want to try their hand at snowmobiles or for families with children. In this attractive mountainous ground, you will experience moments of a beautiful adventure.

PRICE: 65 EUR driver + 15 EUR passenger   CALL US   BOOK

Snow Pro Safari

Snow Pro is a 2 hour snow safari on mountain slopes with a guide. Meeting at Gubałówka – participants will receive snowmobiles , which under the supervision of leading guide will leave for 2 hour tour. The route of the tour is a typical mountainous ground, beautiful scenic place and a lot of fun on a snowmobile.

PRICE: 125 EUR driver + 25 EUR passenger   CALL US   BOOK

Snow Fun Safari – the best winter expedition

Start Every Day at. 9.30 and 14.30Booking is requaired by telephone or email. Snow Fun is a 3 hour snowmobile adventure combined with a warm refreshments by the bonfire. The route of the tour is a beautiful mountain area, we will get to places not accessible in the winter for the man. We will still be admiring beautiful views of the Tatras and Podhale. Under the supervision of guides …

PRICE: 165 EUR driver + 40 EUR passenger   CALL US   BOOK

Snow Night Safari

Snow Night is a beautifful 3 hour snowmobiles night tour. Start form Snowdoo on Gubałówka after dark, at 18 PM. Participants will receive snowmobiles which with an instructor will depart on a 3 hour night tour throught the mountains. Beautiful winter adventure, where by the moonlight we will get you in places that are available only for snowmobiles. A real night tour and unforgettable emotions – Snow Night is …

PRICE: 165 EUR driver + 40 EUR passenger   CALL US   BOOK

Snow Adventure Safari

Snow Adventure is a 6 hour tour snowmobiling on the mountain slopes with a guide. Start with the base on Gubałówka – participants will receive snowmobiles which with an instructor will depart on the route of the tour run along the mountain areas available only for snowmobiles. During the tour we will cover several dozens of kilometers in the snow on the slopes prepared for snowmobile and unmarked routes. …

PRICE: 295 EUR driver + 75 EUR passenger   CALL US   BOOK

Snow Aqua Safari with Termal & Spa

START 9:00, return 16.00 Snowmobiles and Thermal Pools with hot water are the perfect combination of the most beautiful adventure in Zakopane, a 7-hour snowmobile expedition that will take you straight to the thermal pools with hot water and saunas. The route will run through mountainous areas where at an altitude of 1232 m. we will find ourselves on the Polish-Slovakia border. After 2 hours driving by scooter, we …

PRICE: 295 EUR driver + 75 EUR passenger   CALL US   BOOK

Snow Day Safari

Snow Day – this time we invite you for a all day long, 9 hour tour on snowmobiles during which we will visit many winter parts of the whole Podhale region. Tour provides a route from Gubałówka, all around the Podhale region. During this all day long tour, participants will have the opportunity to experience all the best of snowmobiling, to learn well how to ride a snowmobile and …

PRICE: 400 EUR driver + 100 EUR passenger   CALL US   BOOK

Snow Extreme Safari

Snow Extreme – a 3 hour tour on single snowmobile for skilled riders. During this tour surrounded by forests, valleys and beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains we will do a real fee ride, moving beyond the routes and snowmobile trails – where no one has ever ridden a snowmobile. Offer destined primarily for people who have experience in driving a snowmobile or for our regular customers whose skill …

PRICE: 215 EUR / single snowmobile   CALL US   BOOK