Attractions – Snow Rafting

Snow Rafting is a winter attraction for groups and individual tourists – unheard on a daily basis, a combination of a pontoon and snowmobile. In a specially prepared area, we will organize the event in snow rafting, where snowmobile led by our instructor hooked up 2 or 4-person raft at high but safe speed will be pulled on high snowdrifts. Great fun for everyone guaranteed.

PRICE: 5 EUR per person

Attractions – Snow Tubing

Snow Tubing – a great winter attraction, a crazy ride on blown wheels pulled by a snowmobile operated by our guide on a specially prepared area – adrenaline, a lot of joy and much laughter for everyone.

PRICE: 5 EUR per person

Attractions – Extreme Slide

Extreme Slide – that is a ride on a blown board behind the snowmobile where the participant lies on his belly. A lot of fun and emotions for everyone – the most powerful attraction of this type in our set. Here the participants need to demonstrate a good balance of the body and the ability to predict routes.

PRICE: 5 EUR per person

Attractions – Winter Tube

Winter Tube – a 5 meters long blown tube, which is pulled through the snow behind snowmobile is a challenge for participants sitting on it. The whole trick is to harmonise the team for as long as you have kept to the running tube. Lots of adrenaline and fantastic pleasure guaranteed.

PRICE: 5 EUR per person

Attractions – Snow Banana

Snow Banana – a ride on a blown banana pulled by a snowmobile led by an instructor with high, but safe speed. Well-known to everyone form of team attraction, this time in winter edition. A lot of emotions and fun for all participants.

PRICE: 20 zł netto / osoba

Attractions – Snowshoes

Snowshoes – rental snowshoes. A very interesting, guaranteeing a good entertainment form of spending time actively in the group. During the trip everyone can see how it is easy to go on a meter high snow when use the snowshoes.

PRICE: 15 EUR per person

Attractions – Avalanche action

Avalanche action- a beautiful winter adventure, sun and total relaxation. Suddenly, while blazing the trail one person will be undercut by an avalanche, which results in a covering by the snow of the two members of the tour. With the help of a hurry Mountain Rescue Team, who will begin the procedure of avalanche action – all participants will be trained and informed about the rules and avalanche risk. …

PRICE: 20 EUR per person