Attractions – Avalanche action

Avalanche action- a beautiful winter adventure, sun and total relaxation. Suddenly, while blazing the trail one person will be undercut by an avalanche, which results in a covering by the snow of the two members of the tour. With the help of a hurry Mountain Rescue Team, who will begin the procedure of avalanche action – all participants will be trained and informed about the rules and avalanche risk. There lasts avalanche action,searching in avalanche using avalanche detectors, locating and unearthing of victims. We will show that the avalanche action is a group work, single people do not count , but mostly the cooperation of whole team. Avalanche action is an opportunity to practice working with the sudden events, and above all to integrate in acting under stress and struggling not only the passage of time, but also with the cold and their own weaknesses. The event is played in winter conditions where we can count only on ourselves. In order to facilitate the task, the participants will receive a special device to search for the object under piles of snow, shovels, detectors and more. After successful completion of avalanche action, a bonfire and hot refreshments for all.