Corporate Event – Rescue Operation

Corporate Event – Rescue Operation – 4 hour snow safari. Participants will be provided with double snowmobiles, on which, in guides’ care, they leave on excursion. During the tour a warm meal by bonfire is predicted and on the route there will be beautiful views, mountains and sun. All members are strongly determined and prepared for a long expedition. Suddenly, on one of clearings, participants can see a man waving his hands and screaming for help. The group on snowmobiles drives up and hears that there, near the forest, an avalanche has gone down and a few people is covered by the snow. A total relaxation changes into full of turning points rescue action. The mountain rescuers come to the aid and start a procedure of avalanche action. All participants of expedition will be trained and informed about rules and avalanche danger. In order to execute the task, participants will receive specialist devices dedicated to searching under heaps of snow, shovels, detectors. The avalanche action lasts, so every minute is precious and searching through the avalanche with a help of avalanche detectors requires a lot of discipline and harmony of the whole team. After several minutes the last of the lost under the avalanche are excavated and provided with skilled help. This scenario is written by us, however life meets us in different situations and that is why we will show that avalanche action is a team work, individual people do not count, but only cooperation of the whole group. Avalanche action is an opportunity to exercise work with sudden incidents and, first of all, to integrate while acting in stress and struggling not only with passing time, but also with the cold and our own weaknesses. The event takes place in winter conditions where we can count only on ourselves. After successful termination of avalanche action, we will light a bonfire, drink hot tea and eat warm meal. Then we will get to hourlong way back on snowmobiles.