Corporate Event – Snow Games

Snow Games is a winter event that combines all of the best snow fun in the winter – snow fun, avalanche activities and snowmobiles. The whole event will take place on the big glade at Gubałówka, where we will greet all the good music and smile. Participants will be divided into groups that will be marked with different colors of the shirts. Each of these will take part in the stages we have prepared so that each participant can try all of our attractions. During the course we will do a warm refreshment or a coffee break. What will be included in Snow Games:

– snowmobiles a 1 hour snowmobile trip on the mountains with guides. A unique adventure, which every once in a life should try. For participants double seat snowmobiles, during the tour the possibility of replacing the passenger and the driver,

– now rafting, which means riding in a blown pontoon behind a snowmobile – an unprecedented combination of a pontoon and a snowmobile. In the big glade snowmobile instructed by the instructor will be pulling the pontoon after snowdrifts – sensational fun,

– snow tubing – blown wheels driven by a snowmobile driven by our instructor – great entertainment and lots of adrenaline,

– sleigh ride of course pulled by snowmobile. Here it is fun to coordinate all the sleds on one common line. We will check how in childhood you were training on the hill – this sleigh is not an easy task,

– avalanche action is a unique winter educational program that is highly educational and raising awareness of being in the mountains. Participants under the care of rescuers of the TOPR will be introduced into the world of rescue, mountains and avalanches. Then, with the aid of avalanche detectors, they will be able to find the object hidden under the snow. In addition, they will be equipped with search devices, ie shovels and probes. A great educational and adventure attraction, showing the true work of lifeguards, while also checking the ability of participants to work in groups in extremely difficult conditions,

– snowshoeing, guided snowshoes, showing how easy it is to walk in deep snow using snowshoes – a short tour of the forest with an instructor.

The prices quoted are indicative and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code or commercial law. Final prices depend on the number of participants. The prices quoted are net prices, which should be added to 23% VAT.