Kids and Youth – Package TATRY

Package TATRY – is the biggest version of event for children and youth on Gubałówka, which uses a maximum of our capabilities. During the games everyone will be able to try these amazing activities in the winter craziness, including snowmobile riding on Gubałówka.
Within the framework of our offer we provide:
snow rafting, that is a ride in a pontoon pulled by a snowmobile. On a special prepared area, snowmobile driven by instructor will pull a pontoon behind on high snowdrifts, always with safe speed;
sleigh ride behind the snowmobile, that is sleigh tacked to a snowmobile – joy and fun guaranteed;
extreme slide, that is a ride on a blown board behind the snowmobile – a lot of fun and emotions for everyone;
snow tubing, a ride in an air-filled wheels pulled by a snowmobile, a lot of fun and happiness for kids;
winter tube, a 5 meters long blown tube, which was pulled through the snow behind snowmobile is a challenge for sitting for the participants, the trick is to harmonise the team for as long as you have kept to the running tube;
snowmobiles, that is a ride on a snowmobile as a passenger with an instructor, a few minutes long ride around a big clearings on a real snowmobile driven by our instructor.

Each participant will be able to take advantage of all prepared by us attractions. Duration of play depending on group size.

For an additional fee during the activities, we can prepare the bonfire, where children will be able to warm up, roast sausages and drink a cup of hot tea.